No Food Guilt, No Problem

“Finding Balance” okay okay, I know it may be an overused phrase in the fitness world but I’m not sure there is a better way to describe what most are striving for. You love to workout. Check. You live for the endorphins. Check. You eat healthy food because it makes you feel good. Check. But you see, the real problem here is that you also love cake and margaritas (Guilty *raises hand*, me too).

You’ve heard it before what you put in is what you get out. The question in the end however are what do you want out of it? And when is being healthy more of an unhealthy obsession?

The true ability for finding that balance is overcoming guilt associated with food.

Ever since I began an interest in fitness I’ve been through it all. I was indeed that “healthy girl” of the group. Often times someone offered me a dessert someone would chime in and say “Oh Ellen? She won’t eat that.” This always shocked me but yeah, I guess I didn’t. I guess since I’m the healthy one I’ll forever have to skip dessert I had thought. After a while and after a lot of guilt I was determined to find the balance where I could say yes, I will eat the dessert and I won’t let it wear me down.

I learned to absolutely refuse to feel guilty about my food selections from the previous day. I also learned about moderation.  To be brutally open and honest, I come from a disordered eating background and I found this article to be interesting in discussing where we are headed today in regards to food guilt. According to clinical psychologist, Louise Adams, “It’s not like the whole world has an eating disorder but we’re definitely in the grips of a food guilt epidemic”(ABC, 2015, pg. 1). This terrifies me a bit. So it’s time for you all to take a moment and think about how you react to your food selections and whether your not it creates stress, anxiety or guilt.

If you ate too many chocolates last night, if you had a slice of pizza, or a delicious margaritas with friends after work. I encourage you to ask yourself a few questions before you make those decisions and afterward. First and foremost, are your goals more important than these food selections? If so, skip the pizza and order something else. But if not, I believe you should enjoy yourself in moderation, have one slice of pizza instead of five and move forward.

Mostly, I suggest you don’t let fitness take over you. Don’t let a workout be the reason why you say “no” to going to a social event and most certainly don’t go to a social event because you are scared of food. There was most likely a time in your life where fitness didn’t consume you. Think back to that time… were you happy?

Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.21.27 AM


If it’s something that makes you happy I suggest that you do it and don’t let any one else tell you differently. If you want to that’s a different story. If there’s ever some serious contemplating going on, Follow your heart. It knows. Oh boy does it know.

Does any one else struggle with social events because of fitness goals? I’d love to hear what you guys think about guilt interfering with your happiness.

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