Low Carb Spaghetti Squash Lasagna

It has been quite some time since I have experimented in the kitchen. So much has been going on in my life I felt like the last thing I had time for was to try out new recipes. For those who don’t know, I began competing in NPC Bikini competitions, I prepped for ~6 weeks for my first one July 19th, placed 4th out of 25 girls in my class. It was so much fun and such a rush I knew I had to do it again. I took two weeks to improve my package and competed in Rochester, NY where I earned my the Overall Bikini Champion title and qualified for NPC Nationals in November. That’s where I am headed. Man, I need to write a post all about this experience so far.

BUT UNTIL THEN… I will be trying to use my creative brain to come up with tasty recipes which are also healthy and easy to fit into your daily macronutrients without sacrificing much! Here goes with the first one… ENJOY!

Spaghetti Squash Lasagna Bake

Lasagna BestFit Body

Made from left overs… how’s that for the easiest meal???
Cooking Instructions:
1. Cook spaghetti squash in microwave: pierce a few holes, place in the microwave in 3 minute intervals (rotating in between) until sides are soft. Cut in half remove seeds, scrape sides, and drain. Layer into bottom of 8×8 in baking dish sprayed with olive oil/pam/butter


2. Add 5.5 oz COOKED extra lean ground turkey

3. Add 1.5 servings (42g) Fat Free Mozzarella Cheese

4. Add 80g cooked mushrooms (all we had left I would have used probably 100g or so)

5. Layer 4tsp (10g) Shredded Parmesan Cheese

6. Pour 1/2 cup (125g) Tomato Basil Sauce

7. Add 1/2 cup (56g) Reduced Fat 4 Cheese Italian Cheese

8. Bake at 375 for 20 minutes and finish off at 425 degrees for 5 minutes


Serves 4:

Nutrition for 1 serving (1/4 bake)

Fat: 4g Carbohydrates: 13g Protein: 22g

Lasagna Recipe BestFit Body


500g Squash – Winter, spaghetti, cooked, boiled, drained, or baked, without salt

5.5 oz Honeysuckle White – 99% Fat Free Ground Turkey Cooked

42g Mozzarella Fat Free – Kraft-natural Shredded Cheese

80g Mushrooms – Cooked, boiled, drained, without salt

10g Giant – Fancy – Shredded Parmesean Cheese,

1/2 cup, 125g Classico – Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

56g Sargento Reduced Fat 4 Cheese Italian



Lasagna BestFit Body 2

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